Feb 4 2019

No, that’s not “all that matters,” your racist, fucking troll.

Feb 4 2019

If you can’t parse what she’s saying but the rest of us can, doesn’t that make you the idiot?

Jul 25 2018

That’s You’ve Got Mail. The movie it’s based on, The Shop Around the Corner, is way better.

Jul 14 2018

What a total shithead. The way he unnaturally saunters with a repressed speed— it’s like he thinks the fact of him walking is a an event. He always flubs these diplomatic appearances so hard (he looks in the wrong direction, pushes some other head of state, aggressively shakes hands, stands in the wrong place). It Read more

Jul 1 2018

I don’t think I have ever seen this comment here. Brilliant and Thank You nancy.

Jul 1 2018

Where are the captions for your deaf and hard of hearing viewers? I would think Jezebel would be a bit more sensitive in making sure its website is accessible to those with disabilities.

Jul 1 2018

Part of me is proud she is fighting the good fight; part of me cringes at her “thank God for abortions” and “have 20 abortions...we’ll throw a party”. No one person has the same experience when they have an abortion, but mine was not a party. It was relief, yes, but also pain and regret and naivity. Regret that I Read more

May 2 2018

Pratt has to be on the list if we’re ranking Chrises, for completeness, but everyone knows he’s last of all Chrises all the time.

Sep 13 2017

You want a progressive. Did you get one? Did you get anybody close to one. The GOP is rolling back progressive polices left and right. They are appointing 40 year old right wing nut jobs for judges. Judges last forever. They are rolling back regulations that protect the public. It will take years to undo this mess if Read more

Aug 25 2017

Jesus. Nick Viall needs a simple lifestyle blogger chick- not some Penelope Cruz level hottie who helps special needs kids for a living. And on that note: They did a shit job casting the last two seasons. They need to start editing out people who aren’t in the same league as the bachelor /bachelorette. Vanessa was Read more

Aug 14 2017

I hope Pizza Rat sneaks in the penthouse and drops a pepperoni turd on his face while he sleeps.

Jul 20 2017

...unlike brain cancer, which you’re cool with if it happens to the right person.

Jul 19 2017

By showing empathy to someone who just underwent “bain” surgery and a recent cancer diagnosis, I am now supporting him? I voted for the same person you did. The only difference is, I am not devoid of all tact. Read more

Jul 19 2017

Nah, you should feel bad. You post here a lot, and normally make great points...but you are wrong here.

Jul 19 2017

So tired of seeing your shit responses to nearly every fucking article. Do you have anything resembling a life outside of this website? John McCain has accomplished more in 1 year than you will in your entire life sitting around looking for stars on Kinja. Get fucked.

Jul 19 2017

Awesome, jokes about cancer. Are we really that jaded? Numb to the point we can longer show empathy to a brain cancer diagnosis? As a stage 4 cancer survivor myself, show some decorum for fucks’ sake.