Nov 6

Well....if by “washed” you mean balls deep into a handle of Sailor Jerry’s while wearing a leather jacket, sportcoat, two polo shirts and a tank top repeating “I’d fuck me” into the mirror, then yes.

Oct 13

Pestilence, Plague, Asteroids, COVID, - Ladies and Gentlemen, your New York Knicks

Aug 28

Why is the Queen wearing a shirt with Kellyanne Conway on it?

Aug 27

Yep....the GOP byline:

“Everyone hates you and wants your shit and we know it. Be afraid of everyone except us. and by US we mean a certain level of money/power/and skin tone.
Please poor white trash people, keep us in power so we can tell you all your personal troubles are the fault of a different tinted person and not Read more

Aug 27

Used to LOVE trips to Action Park as a kid. I think I was only a year or two older (and my brother was younger) than the poor kind who’d died by electrocution there. An unbelievable tragedy at the time obviously and I hope the family has been able to find some peace in the time since. Read more

Aug 25

Liberty [University], where students are asked to sign an “honor code,” which prohibits sex outside of marriage, but the honor code doesn’t say anything about watching. Read more

Aug 21

I haven’t seen beef tongue anywhere I’m in unfortunately, which is weird since Alberta boasts about our beef. Last time I had it was Foods class in high school, there was always a senior or too each year that would cook it & it was great!

Aug 21

Whenever someone thinks something I like to eat is gross, I just think “more for me!” Beef tongue used to be like this, but then it became trendy and prices went from $3/lb to $7-8/lb.  

Dec 3 2019

Or just give them all British accents. That seems to work in every movie ever.

I personally welcome the authentic Russian accents. If only for the fact that they make women sound sexy and men sound like they are about to steal my kidneys. And I think you can explain Natasha’s lack of an accent as a personal affectation Read more

Nov 20 2019

Thanks for catching yourself. Truck drivers earn a pretty good living, and farmers are necessary for our society to have healthy foods. Read more

Nov 3 2019

Necrophiliac Paul Maidment has had this cross-posted to his corpse de jour. Paul Maidment has spent all weekend filling it with his evil essence, pulling from all over the G/o network, relabelling AP vids, reposting old freelance work and changing the date stamps.

Oct 28 2019

Say what you want about Party All The Time but it’s a better song than Boogie in Your Butt: