By far the only accurate description of the civil war I have ever seen. The majority of people are fucking ignorant. They thinks the serbs where the bad guys. In this war every side did horrible things.
I glad with minus Kosovo things have calmed down. Croatia and Serbia have put their past behind them, though they Read more

its for merging the OS of mobile devices with more powerful devices like their MBA MBP and iMacs Read more

One time when I was 13 I was playing Habbo Hotel. A user came into my room that looked exactly like Callie (the owner of Habbo) with a name like XxCalliexX and started talking to me. After a few minutes she told me she would make me a moderator if I told her my password. Read more

Very 19th Century European of them. Read more

I don't know what your ability to watch British TV is for your US IP address, however the latest episode of 'George Clark's amazing spaces from the BBC' covers the story of a guy who changes a double decker bus, to a weekend getaway for his daughter and himself to an actual liveable area, which defys most housing Read more

Uncalibrated doesn't mean "so wildly different that some people think Kermit is Blue". Read more

I live in Northern Sweden, about 350 km from Kiruna.
I've been to Kiruna a couple of times, and I've been down in the mine twice because I study civil engineering and LKAB (the mining company) is pouring money onto my university because they need mining and civil engineers from here for the move, for their future Read more

I'd be interested in knowing what software Bowden uses. Maybe you can get him to do a 'How I Work' over at Lifehaker. Read more

Most of those issues you mentioned could be easily solved with a firmware restore. Also, it costs $30 in parts and 30-45 min in labor to replace the screen. Or pay someone to do it for you. People shouldn't be throwing away "broken" phones constantly. We need to get out of the mindset that technology is disposable. Read more

Hey Lily,
Great article, I can truly relate to most of what you wrote here. Only one thing though - I'm not sure an iPhone, let alone an iPhone 4, is the best example of a beloved gadget of which "time has come", and the reason is simple: it's a wonderful piece of technology which worked marvelously for about 18 months Read more

Well this is a good question, but has a few parts to the answer. Read more

Great, even USB cables are posting duckface photos now.

I wanted to be a super villain and make a nice compound with watchtowers and ponds and henchmen who just stayed in place, but I could not afford all of those red barrels filled with explosives and fuel. Once my accountant went over the initial costs then the replacement costs, it was a dream I had to let go of. Read more

Right. For some reason, I blanked on the word buoy. I was going to say flotation device thingy, knowing there was a word out there that would perfectly convey what I wanted to say, but not finding it. I decided on boat instead. :) Read more

Pretty much anyone who doesn't "get" Pollock or understand why he's considered to be one of the master American painters simply does not understand context. It's not that what Pollock painted was that amazing in itself, it's that what he painted was amazing and groundbreaking at the time he painted it. He broke the Read more

"None of what these painters do is about talent or skill" Read more