Aug 17 2015

Um, Jason Day is half Filipino, there was an Indian guy in the top 10, and tons of Asian players in the field. You clearly don’t watch golf.

Aug 16 2015

So Deadspin tries to emasculate an athlete for crying? Seems like the very thing they would crucify another outlet for doing. I love the emotion, if it bothers you, you are an idiot.

Aug 11 2015

I’m not a member of the military, so I don’t understand how their proceedings work. Are you saying that if one solider punched a second solider so hard that he needed to stay in the medical ward for 2 months, the first soldier wouldn’t receive any disciplinary action from his commanding officer?

Jul 29 2015

The “compelling medical evidence” you cite is the opinion of two doctors who perform gender reassignment surgeries — they don’t cite any studies on the actual issue, or indicate that they’ve done any specific research on the implications of gender reassignment for sports, and make casual statements like “she would prob Read more