Feb 22 2016

My favourite memory of this game was in the catacombs level. i already knew that to efectively kill the skeletons it has to be done with the scythe, but, i was checking a chest when a skeleton popped and i shotgunned it to hell and just the lower half remained. Feeling pretty safe, i walked to the chest when i heard a Read more

Jan 20 2016

You didn’t count the time he actually MADE the apocalypse happen.

Dec 12 2014

I would take anything of this with a grain of salt, taking in account the military here is heavily involved in narcotics trafficking operations. http://www.insightcrime.org/venezuela-orga…
Adding to this, Venezuelan military it's also involved too with gas smuggling operations to Colombia. In fact, this is a very

Dec 12 2014

Crack pipe all the way. if is not an XM, accept no substitutes.

Nov 8 2014

i would like to see a calibration minigame.

Aug 27 2014

How about the 1990's Venezuelan Mini Cord?

Jul 9 2014

Usually i like meaty tires, but the golden rims look great.
Sadly Maldonado is gonna wreck the car in the first test.

Jul 2 2014

COPO Camaro.
That's an L88 under the hood

Jun 12 2014

Just for reference, this is a Renault 5 or your beloved "Le Car"

Nov 20 2013

Wonderfully Crafted!

Actually this can be achieved by just 2D parallax, as you pointed on the article, or by means of repositioning the layers on 3D space on after effects. The movement of the objects Can be done using the puppet warp tool when distortion is required, and if not, one always just can link objects and Read more

Oct 7 2013

i have an old Olympus e-41o in the original four thirds format and i love how is an "almost pocketable" DSLR, especially with the pancake 25mm lens.
if this one is even smaller i'm gonna flip my shit out.

Oct 3 2013

Just shove a porsche 2.7 liter in there.

Aug 31 2013

Please hire The Protomen to do the soundtrack for this.