Sep 25
Review: The Art of Rally

As its name would imply, The Art of Rally is gorgeous. The stylized cars, lack of textures, bright colors and low

Jul 20
Well. That's a new one.

Not often i come across a car I can’t immediately identify. My friend told me its a Pulse cycle car. I thought it

Jun 10
DOTS: Urban Samurai

Seattle, Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Obviously not an original paint job or anything, but mad props for the graphics

Jan 23
Sport Edition

One of the rarest versions of the least rare car out there! Kinda like a “proto-Solara.” I’m pretty sure they didn’t

Sep 6 2019
Size Matters

Picked up my new car the other week. I’ve been pleased with how small it feels when driving around. Parking next to

Jun 26 2019

Forgot to share some of these photos with you guys from last Friday.

An honest to god Sport Quattro is one of the more awesome and impressive cars I’ve ever seen in the sheetmetal. I think the car is owned by the guy who owns Dirtfish. Surprisingly, that is a factory color though not too many were made in green.