Property owners wouldn't be a bad idea, Black or white.  Read more

And some people want to lower the voting age to 16? Read more

Oh no people rallying for a right! *clutches pearls* Read more

Excellent post. This is how you debate Read more

Excellent post. This is how you debate Read more

You could try refuting him, unless you have nothing to provide but insults  Read more

Don’t get how this happens. These are your average drivers. Read more

So, do you think about him all the time? Read more

This. Was really hoping for a Japan locale Read more

That’s exactly what I thought, when I was a child. More “tailpipes” more power Read more

Good. Cry some more. Literal concentration camps guise! All the gassing and the forced labor too! Read more

Always felt it was because she was a wealthy wife of a former professional athlete and she “only” killed an Asian man. Read more

Not being bad with money ≠ never having to choose between paying a bill or eating Read more

I work until midnight. Literally every night on my 20 minute drive home, there is someone driving along on the highway with their DRLs acting as headlights because they are that dense. Read more

Well. It’s not all feet, and some people like different things about them. For me its not them by themselves, but as part of the whole. Read more