Sep 17 2018

I think it’s actually Burl Ives’ recording from 1945, not Pete Seeger’s from 1957 (or the Tom Waits version from Ironweed or the original Harry McClintock version used in O Brother, Where Art Thou?).

Nov 21 2015

Yeah, um, that’s not the national anthem. Here’s a hint, kid, it begins “God bless America ...” Get it right next time.

Oct 5 2015

When Walford was asked what he would have done differently in the match, he said “Depends...”

Sep 22 2015

I was surprised to find out that 20,000 x 8 = 1,600,000 instead of 160,000. I guess the rules of math have changed.

Jun 19 2015

How about a son who doesn’t continually disappoint me? That’s all I really want.

May 21 2015

Man, think of how much farther a DH would have hit that.

Apr 30 2015

TMQ folds its tent and steals off into BIG INTELLECT. As usual, I recommend you talk to everyone you know about why football is evil. Take long walks, especially on 4th down. Attend junior college football games of any division, if only to see what real hard work looks like. Appreciate the beauty of scantily-clad Read more

Nov 3 2014

I found something interesting. I found it interesting that you think I'm going to read through all that shit and do your job for you.