7/28/20 12:11PM

Oh shit, he’s suing a Newscorp subsidiary? I hope he wins and they get judged out of existence. No single entity has as much blame on its hands for the current state of politics in Britain as The Sun and its sister rags. Read more

7/23/20 4:14PM

As long as we’re speaking of irksome words, I’d just like to say that “badass” is excessively overused and irksome.

7/23/20 1:23PM

It’s so fucking satisfying to hear her calling out the hypocrisy and non-evidential citing of wives and daughters in these kinds of statements. 

7/22/20 7:57AM

Don’t feel too bad, she was something like 35 years old on the show, lol

7/22/20 4:53AM

These replies trying to “but” him and make him into the sympathetic figure are gross. Be better people. Read more

7/21/20 11:16PM

Did anyone else watch his reality show? He treated women like phenomenally stupid sides of beef. And there were women who were happy to have that brush of fame I suppose, and accepted it.

7/21/20 12:27PM

Here me out. I wonder at the impact this will have on East Asian skin care as well, where paleness has long been prized, to the point of the super aggressive sun hats. Ihad a long term SO who was gen 1.5 Taiwanese American, who bought me those aggressive sun hats. Granted in my case, as a burner and freckler verses Read more

7/21/20 12:23PM

and he’ll eventually leave Grimes too because after a while he won’t be able to stand her lisp.

7/21/20 11:54AM

He and the ex have had shared custody all along, it’s a bit dramatic to say he left her with the kids.

7/21/20 10:11AM

Beyond systemic racism and black incarceration, I think this is a story about how we’re continually failing to support the parents of mentally ill children. Privileged parents shell out a lot of money for specialists if they can—this is what happens when they can’t. Biting her mother at the age of fifteen is a huge red Read more

7/20/20 4:07PM

I am a big classic rock fan and for me Phil Collins was one of the first artists who successfully straddled the line between rock and pop. It had been done before, but he managed to still maintain some level of coolness in his transition. Also I think Patrick Bateman’s love of Phil Collins managed to give him some Read more

7/17/20 5:54PM

How could you write this article and not include Leelee Sobieski?

7/17/20 5:08PM

It’s easy to confuse them considering they’re played by the same person, Shue outta know...

7/17/20 1:11PM

Has anyone ever met someone with a neck tattoo that wasn’t a complete idiot?