Jul 19

Pretty sure Boone cited Rousseau right before his mic kicked on. I look forward to his referencing The Social Contract to argue the implementation of robot umps.

Jul 19

You know, Boonie is on to something here. For as Rousseau said in his Discourse on Inequality, “In fact, the real source of all those differences, is that the savage lives within himself, whereas the citizen, constantly beside himself, knows only how to live in the opinion of others.” That is, in “the box” the batter Read more

Jul 15

Engine notes might have been fake, but I’m pretty sure that 27-speed transmission was real.

Jul 15

As if the ‘70 Charger in the flick was anymore “capable” of the stunts it was shown performing. Such as the F&F Charger trademark wheelies sticking that heavy nose with a Hemi and a blower no less than two feet off the asphalt.

Jul 10 2019

Officers on scene were unable to determine if the driver was sober, as he refused to speak, exited the vehicle, stood stock still for a second, then fell over. His injuries consisted of a large swelling on the top of his head, and a number of asterisks orbiting his head. Upon inspection of the vehicle, deputies noted Read more

Jul 8 2019

Porsche keeps the same car on the road for about 50 years and it is “tradition” but Nissan does it any they are “lazy”. It could be worse, like a BMW/Toyota fusion.

Jul 1 2019

Dwight did with an injured ass what no one else could do healthy: get Ernie fired. He’s the hero we needed.

Jul 1 2019

The Wizards are essentially a mental-health-hotline for Knicks fans...

Jun 26 2019

Counter-Point: I brought my 18-month old to a White Sox game and he loved it.

Jun 14 2019

Wow, that keypad looks worse than the one on the ‘95 Taurus I had as a kid. Especially weird since Ford knows how to do this seamlessly: