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Yesterday 7:26PM

I think the Karen TV show ought to be just real life horrible white women being cornered by John Quinones right after being racist and having him not take their bullshit as an answer.

Yesterday 6:45PM

My friend who I watch this with just unearthed a short clip of something we missed. When Thomas joins everyone the day after the group date in his casual wear there’s a brief moment where, in the awkwardness, one of the Conners briefly scats. He definitely sets the tone of that stupid scene.

Yesterday 2:43AM

After tonight I just want Justin to stay as long as possible, if not for Katie, than just for his expressions. Much like how I liked Katie on Matt’s season but recognized the two had no romantic chemistry but liked her chemistry with the other girls. Katie just needs to keep Justin in the background of every date Read more

Yesterday 2:33AM

I looked him up after posting this, and still at 850+ IMDb credits it seems light in regards to a lot of the animal effects that he has made for films over the years. Regardless of my overestimation with his role in Transformers I hope he’s one of the roles that returns. I have a little grudge against the trend of Read more

Tuesday 7:29PM

First off, Beast Wars was the only Transformers I watched growing up. I remember basically none of it besides the cheetah and the gorilla and it always seemed like the good guys were playing catch-up to the bad guys plans. Read more

Monday 2:45AM

Well, Milly’s 17 and Jake’s 19. As a 17 year old who was caught up crushing and/or having weird tense friendships with men waaay too old for me but ultimately ended up doing hand-stuff with a 19 year old (after a friend of a friend almost beat the shit out of him at the beach, these are weird memories to be sure), I’m Read more

6/17/21 12:07AM

Also when pressed by Tayshia she says her husband "might" be in that room, which is definitely less optimistic than bachelor(ettes) have been in the last few seasons. 

6/17/21 12:03AM

Those previews that include Karl look like they might just be from later on in the cocktail party. It felt like there was a similar fake out last season with MJ, so I think we have 50/50 odds of seeing him next week. 

6/16/21 8:39PM

Not that June hasn’t been headed this direction for a long time, but I disagree with you about Emily (who is my personal favorite bloodthirsty handmaiden). Between Aunt Lydia and Mrs. O’Conner (AKA Marisa Tomei) she seems pretty prone to violence (as well she should given her circumstances). Read more

6/16/21 3:46AM

Um, there actually was a deadly virus purposely leaked from a US lab, as in the 2001 anthrax attacks. Which, even if you don’t believe their ultimate conclusion as to who was to blame, undeniably was linked to one strain in one US lab. Not saying this because I believe that’s what happened with Covid, just trying to Read more

6/15/21 7:50PM

It would be nice if one person who talked about the lab leak theory would talk about the actual viral lab leak that happened here, in the US, on purpose, with anthrax in 2001. I have yet to see anyone direct a finger to us as an example of an actual, factual lab leak. But obviously the conspiracy is more about Read more

6/15/21 7:27PM

Yeah, I don’t know enough about the specifics (or the science) to feel equipped to say I definitely believe either theory. What I will say is that in the US we had our own lab scientist purposely endanger the public with a deadly disease, otherwise known as the 2001 anthrax attacks. It would be sort of refreshing to Read more

6/10/21 12:33AM

There is something to be said about being indoctrinated into a family culture with such violent misogyny, but it still doesn’t mean the people he hurt aren’t hurt. But think about the “affluenza" kid, would that argument be as effective if the family wasn't also wealthy? And there are plenty of examples of people Read more

6/09/21 4:21AM

Someone on my Facebook feed looked up what Quartney (the q poem guy) actually does since he listed his job as "nutritional entrepreneur." It's an MLM. Which begs speculation, on what date do you try to get the bachelorette to sign up for your pyramid scheme? I feel like you have to wait for the one-on-one, but in the Read more

6/08/21 10:17PM

I hate this excuse so much. There are thousands of people out there with substance abuse issues that don’t physically assault people. There are thousands of people with past trauma that don’t assault people. Now, are those thousands of people 100% peachy keen all the time? Probably not. But if it was just the drugs or Read more

6/04/21 12:08AM

Lana Parrilla may end up rehashing Regina here (evil camp but takes on nuance and depth), but I really don’t care. I’d probably watch her in anything.