Assistant Undersecretary of Only Okay
Oct 22

Once again the presidential debate falls on a night that I’m attempting a baking project. Last time it was tiramisu, I had the debate on headphones and the lady fingers I made turned out not as evenly textured as I wanted (plus I burned most of my first tray). I blame my less than perfect creation (which was still Read more

Oct 20

I still remember him marveling over a cake that was lavender and lemon flavored as if it was some wildly original combo. The cake looked good, but I’ve seen pastries with those two flavors here in California since I shilled lavender-lemon cookies at my first job in 2008, and they weren’t brand new then.

Oct 19

Honestly, it might just be because it’s kind of a boring story and sort of a nonstarter. Clearly they’re still talking about it, but it is a 24 hour news network and they have to have filler in there somewhere. Nepotism isn’t a scandal that any of their more well-off viewers would ever raise an eyebrow at, I’m sure Read more

Oct 19

If you’re in California (and some other states) you have a chance to correct your ballot and make sure that it gets counted. Please sign up for BallotTrax! I personally still have to turn in my ballot, I’ve been practicing my signature which has changed, uh... quite a bit since the last time I filled out the form Read more

Oct 14

I don’t really know any good literature off the top of my head besides bell hooks, but she can be a bit confrontational for someone who is inclined against it so it’s probably not the best choice here. With the people I know who have changed their minds I think a lot of it came from just being around more Read more

Oct 13

If he’s really going to stick to his guns, maybe offer him feminist literature as a counterpoint to his views and ask him to confront logically what he disagrees about feminism coming straight from the source rather than just out of the mouth of the MRA point man? Read more

Oct 7

I dunno, a lot of these bozos will claim to like things like Wu Tang Clan or Public Enemy with zero recognition that their beliefs are in direct opposition to some of the messages of the music. Like how Scott Walker likes Dropkick Murphy’s while they hate him. Or Paul Ryan liking Rage Against the Machine.

Oct 7

I decided to be kind and pick up a few hours tonight at work, or I’d be watching the VP debate. I was looking forward to this one though, Harris was one of the better debaters in the primaries, and Mike Pence has the personality of a graham cracker.* Read more