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I’d have to assume, because who else would they be talking about. After Eleven survived season 1's finale, it seems like a strong possibility to me that he ended up in the upside down somehow and got out through whatever gate they were still fucking with in Russia. I don’t know but I’m choosing to believe it’s true.
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Iterating on new genres and other games isn’t ripping things off. The skins and dances you have a pretty good case for them ripping off other existing stuff, but the game itself is so different from any the PlayerUnknown mods or Battlegrounds. He aims for realistic, slow and strategic combat. You only have to play Read more

“Certainly no one would look into this hard enough to catch me. I’m only holding national press conferences every day regarding one of the most heavily covered news stories in the country. That should be low enough profile to fly under the radar!” Read more

Seriously this is one of the worst takes I’ve seen online in forever. First of all, Avenatti is not a “liberal” or whatever you want to call him. He’s an opportunist trying to capitalize on people like you who will support anyone opposing Trump. He’s a conman and a fraud. If you can’t muster the strength of character t Read more

I’ve been consistently impressed that Avenatti manages to make headlines each week with something completely different than last week but without ever lowering the drama level and often raising it. It’s really incredible, this guy is some kind of sordid, scandal-engaging machine. Read more

More like Tony Wrongo! Because he was wrong and his name sounds like that kinda. So, in my opinion, that’s what it’s more like. Read more

Anthony Davis for Hassan Whiteside straight up. Let’s do this thing. Read more

Oh yeah, it would def make 100% sense for them to bail on Steam if that was the case. Read more

I think you’re missing the main reason steam is useful because you’re looking at it from the wrong perspective. Steam is useful to developers because Steam has so many people using the platform that they can reach more potential consumers. Millions of customers already log into Steam and shop at the store daily. Epic Read more

Some might think he’d even be willing to help his doubters kill themselves, but I think we knew assisted suicide wasn’t in the cards for Rose as soon as we read the first word. Read more

As a lifelong Dolphins fan born in Miami long after the 70s, I don’t have a ton to hang my hat on, but owning the shit out of Tom Brady down here is a tiny morsel of accomplishment that I will savor with every fiber of my being. Read more

Born in Miami and I agree. Love Dragic, regardless of the team’s results. All heart and fun to watch. Read more

You sure love to jump to extremes. I said UCF was a bad example because they aren’t that great of a team and they played a weak schedule. In your head you made me into some brownshirt for the status quo. Sorry you are freaking out and making this conversation into some good vs evil crusade that you must win for your Read more

I like how you went from talking about this season to some hypothetical one where you fix all the problems. My original point was that 2018 UCF is a poor example of a team that is unfairly left out because 2018 UCF was only impressive by a single metric: their record. Nothing you are talking about changes any of that Read more

You just described literally every major conference. So which conference is the one that is supposed to be better? The SEC has like 8 teams in the CFP rankings. Seems like the entire top half of the conference is good teams. Show me the conference that can say the same. It’s a joke that people still try to pretend Read more

In a sport that adheres to very few other bedrock principles of sport, I don’t think this principle is particularly relevant, no. You say scheduling disparities can be resolved. How? There are well over 100 top level teams and teams play 11 games. No matter how you slice it, there will be good teams who play no Read more

They won the relevant championship that you’re discussing: their conference championship. The principle you describe is undermined by the entire structure and limitations of national college football and the scheduling. The national championship isn’t a competition for who can win the most games, and if it were it Read more

A legitimate championship would require the teams involved to play comparable schedules instead of one team going undefeated because they play the other teams’ opening cupcake game 11 times. If teams can play nobody to go undefeated and be a contender, why would anyone stay in the SEC? Read more

While I don’t have a problem with Georgia being left out, the SEC championship only works like that if Georgia loses. If we are being realistic, with a reversed score in this weekend’s SEC championship, we’d have 2 SEC teams in the playoff right now. In that scenario, I’d expect Alabama to be ranked higher than Read more

*spends entire workday trying and failing to think of anything that could go wrong* Read more