EDIT: There are 43 Bronco First Editions on Cars.com right now, so you really REALLY shouldn’t buy his.

It’s a two way street. If the team doesn’t owe Bottas anything, than he also doesn’t owe anything to the team. Read more

So you think the dude currently in 4th for points is washed up and has been in the sport for too long? 

I mean, Merc has fucked Valtteri good and hard - the least they can do is buy him breakfast...

well, well, well, time for piggyback ECUs to make a comeback...

Did you see the one guy that said he still would not take the vaccine? Would go through it all again blah blah...vaccine being pushed down peoples throats...blah blah. Lets hope it takes him out the second time. 

This past week, I have been watching these unvaccinated morons being interviewed from their hospital beds about how they wish they got the vaccine and I just can’t find even the smallest bit of sympathy for them.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a rare specimen in exceptional condition...the problem is that it’s a specimen of something no one ever really wanted in the first place that’s overpriced by at least $13,000. Read more

While this absolutely tickles my 70s gameshow host fancy, no dice. Read more

It’s a mid-70's GM crapcan, what is there to love?

An ignorance epidemic has caused a viral pandemic.

If only there weren't so many proven instances of bent cops doing exactly what this cop appeared to be doing we wouldn't have assumed the worst. 

Even if this is all it is, it still shows the complete disregard cops show for other people’s stuff. I bet if someone threw trash into the back seat of that cop’s personal car, he’d be pissed, but he just tosses trash into someone else’s car without a second thought. 

My face while reading the cops explanation...

This is a great reminder to never consent to a voluntary search.

In the same way that police expect people to not “act suspiciously”after being stopped for fear of getting arrested or even shot, this cop was acting super suspiciously with that bag *even* if it was unintentional.
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If the cops are looking to rebuild trust, even the appearance of impropriety must stop.

The war on drugs needs to be over and pretextual stops also need to be banned.  If you pull someone over for speeding, speeding is all you get.