4/28/21 6:42PM

The difference in cabin damage I expected based on that first picture is, uh, vastly exceeded by the reveal in the second.

7/23/20 3:44PM

Torch, you’re gonna be to China what David Hasselhoff is to Germany. 

6/29/20 2:39PM

That will be a great buy on govdeals.com before you know it. Thanks Uncle Sam!

6/12/20 3:15PM

Shit, now that you've caught the eye of the Chinese, you'll be hearing from Trump soon.

6/11/20 8:38PM

I want Jason to play Jason. I want full-grown, now-Jason to play then-Jason, and I want him to wear the clothes he would have worn then in the same sizes he would have worn then. Is the shirt skin tight? Does the belly stick out a bit? Are the bottoms of his trousers up around his shins? Good, that’s what I want to Read more

6/11/20 5:44PM

This would make a remarkable miniseries. I’m picturing Hank Azaria and Miyam Bialik as your parents, although Miyam strikes me as a bit too tall. Hank would have to film most scenes standing on a box to simulate the “Shtetl Hobbit” vibe. Read more