Oct 3 2019

So GM makes two full size trucks (that 100% cannibalize from each other) the Silverado and Sierra. And if you add those two up, they sold more of them than Ram or Ford: Read more

Feb 4 2019

I are engineer. Not good at grammar also neither. 

Jan 21 2019

Aux->Bluetooth adapters are cheap. Pair with a smartwatch to change to next track. Sure, it’s not as good as integrated bluetooth, but it beats messing with a cable and fumbling to find your phone.

May 23 2017

Neutral: To level set, I think the disruptive paradigm shift in deliverables has really synergized senior management to rightsize their deployment of resources more holistically to mobility dynamic lifestyle adaptive millennial purple monkey dishwasher.

Dec 14 2016

Have to say, the RAM driver did a great job getting his truck slid into just the right position.

Sep 26 2016

I don’t think I’d be able to sleep knowing there was a scary ATS-V outside my tent.

Sep 8 2016

Doing the pennies by volume seems wrong. Completely filling the cargo box with pennies would surely put the truck way over its weight limit right? Read more

Aug 31 2016

I thought they solved the problem of people watching Top Gear illegally by firing Clarkson and hiring Chris Evans.