Apr 12

I had a lot of fun watching this, even though it has practically every Whedon writing tic both good and bad. Victorian steampunk X-Men show is kinda my jam. Read more

Apr 2

It’s too bad. That show never really clicked for me despite the slew of great vocal talent. Maybe another season would’ve helped, but you only can get so many chances. (Heck, Bob’s Burgers didn’t really become Bob’s Burgers till season 3) 

Mar 26

I like this trailer, but I’ve been burned by Suicide Squad before. The 2016 crapfest still cobbled together a decent trailer.

Mar 24

Honestly of all the guest hosts this far, he’s been my clear favorite.

Mar 23

Yeah, this will probably set up Florence Pugh as the new Code Name: Black Widow

Mar 20

It was impressive how a 10 second cameo in Shazam did more to show how much Superman was beloved by people than three whole Zach Snyder movies. 

Mar 18

A lot of work? That can’t be right! I was LOUDLY told many times on here and on Twitter that the Snyder Cut was ready to be released IMMEDIATELY with no tweaks because “picture lock.” Are you telling me Twitter was wrong?

Mar 16

I will join you on that hill, because Homicide is absurdly underrated and Kotto deserves as much credit as Braugher for his fantastic performance.

Mar 11

There are a handful of sequels that surpass the original movie - such as Empire Strikes Back, Godfather Part II, and Fury Road. Addams Family Values is definitely one of them. 

Mar 10

How else are you going to show people wielding magic against each other than with CGI blasts?”

Mar 9

Those replies are...something! One guy was comparing this to 9/11. A bunch were saying WB was deliberately trying to sabotage the movie they spent $70 mil on for reasons. The Snyder Cult just had to play victim at all times. 

Mar 6

Honesty, what gets me in Rocky every time is the very end where Paulie is arguing with the guard and trying to get in the ring. While the guard is distracted, Paulie holds the rope up for Adrian to sneak in and go to Rocky. I don’t know why, but the asshole brother finally doing something nice for his sister gets me Read more

Mar 5

I know I’m an old codger now because that plot description makes zero sense. Apparently they hoovered up all the coke in LA before making that story pitch.

Mar 4

The royals learned absolutely fucking nothing from the death of Diana. Here they are agan, stepping all over their dicks by being so eager to be racist and shitty to Meghan.

Mar 3

This may also require a shift in the way movies are made. A Marvel/Star Wars film that costs $200 mil to make and $100 mil to market needs to make a billion worldwide to be profitable. I appreciate that Disney+ is going gangbusters, but that can’t be enough to replace the $10 billion Disney made in the world box Read more

Mar 3

Also: beer. It’s amazing how much better a film like MIB International is if I have beer and unlimited popcorn

Mar 3

One of my favorite clips from the past year has been an audience reaction video from Avengers Endgame. Thor is about to get killed by Thanos, when Mjolnir rises off the ground, nails Thanos in the head, and then soars back to Captain America. The crowd goes insane. And I really want to have that experience in a

Feb 28

Anything to get his cult to keep bothering people to restore the snyderverse or whatever