Production Cels

My wife and I collect animation production cels. We hadn’t bought anything in a long time, so the other night I got bored and went to EBay. As you know, this never ends with more cash in your pocket than you started with. I found a number of cels from Dilbert for very cheap. The show was ok, but as an engineer I do…


Had someone send me an email that launched me into red mist mode at work today. Wrote up something as a retaliatory strike. Paused and deleted that crap and told them to come talk to me. A much better outcome resulted. Still, the idea that I need to run my group in a jacked up way because someone else’s group is…

Tree Cat

The cat has been stuck in the tree for a number of days. Today, like Robin Hood of yore, I used one of the kids toy bows to shoot a wood dowel arrow 30 feet over a branch with some light rope around it. We then lifted a clothes basket with food in it up to the branch. The damn cat then proceeded to climb higher up the…

Deep Space Network

NASA’s Deep Space Network keeps track of a large number of probes out there. Spacecraft are at the moon, Mars, Saturn and in deep space. I love the fact that they check in on Voyager 1 and 2 from time to time. Voyager 2 is 31 light hours from earth. Voyager 1 is in interstellar space and 38 light hours out.