Jun 6 2015

C&D 1993: 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Stock. Yes, plenty of cars are that fast now, but consider that ‘93 was long enough ago that Car & Driver said the car was “as obscenely quick as Clyde Drexler on a fast break.”

Jun 5 2015

Since I will be out of country Monday with no internet access I submit my choice now.

Jun 5 2015

First time “did it better” and Murano Cross Cabriolet were used in the same context.

Jun 4 2015

You can go to safercar.gov and search for recalls by VIN. If they’re recalled you should get a notice in the mail (it’s done by vehicle registrations) after which you can take the cars to a dealer and get them fixed. Read more

Jun 4 2015

So why hasn’t anyone shut Super Replicas down? Even if the victims are in the U.S. like Eric, there are little the authorities can do here since the operation is headquartered in Panama.
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