Oct 12 2016

Here’s to Jeff, still one of my best friends, who once came to class with no shirt on. Because he’d used it to put out a fire. In the engine bay of his 1981 Camero. In the high school parking lot. Read more

Oct 12 2016

Funny thing, the rich kids at my school drove Rally Spec Lancia Delta Integrales in Martini Livery. Some had Ape trucks with pirate flags in the back. Most of us rode motorcycles and scooters. A good friend of mine had a Peugeot 205, he flipped the thing over... Ahhh High School... Read more

Oct 12 2016

Jackass tried telling me his uncle won a Veyron in a raffle. I immediately told to him to bring proof. Never did. This was just last year.

Oct 4 2016

I once had a date with someone I figured was going to be less than pleasant to hang out with, but I said I’d go so I went to pick her up as planned. In my red NC Miata. Read more

Oct 4 2016

In my younger more immature/inconsiderate days I actually broke up with a girl because she lived on a dirt road. I got tired of having to constantly wash my car after picking her up. That’s not the reason I gave her, but that was the truth. Some time later the road got paved and we dated again! Younger me was horrible.

Sep 16 2016

Sent some suggestions to the developer, and he seems to be a fan of at least a few of them. He sent this over, which will come in the next update.

Sep 15 2016

I saw the GT3 RS in person last weekend, and wasn’t a fan. This Caterham looks more in line with something I’d like, as the latest version of the VW Beetle. Read more