Oct 19

Americans infecting Canadians would be what overwhelms our healthcare system (eventually). It’s the knock-on effects.
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Oct 17

I just got a comment/reply to an earlier item about this, some dumbfuck whining “yankees aren’t bringing it into Canada!” Read more

Oct 2

they won’t. Remember, the thing fueling anti-mask protest is fear. People are terrified of the notion that an invisible disease can cut you down, so they double down on conspiracy theories or anything that says they don’t. have to be afraid.

So if he really did get it? Oh it’s not that big of a deal.

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Sep 20

I agree - it astounds me that people don’t remember this is Collins’ and Mukowski’s SOP - act all principled, but only vote no when it doesn’t matter.

Sep 20

Sadly, I think you’re right. Something else to consider is that these statements from Murkowski and Collins could be simple posturing precisely because they know their two votes can’t and won’t affect the final outcome. They get to claim a principled stance, but without actually preventing the party from achieving its Read more

Sep 20

Collins is consistent in her inconsistency, and can’t be counted on. Also, Collins and Murkowski may be saying that with McConnell’s blessing; if he has the votes to ram this through, he will, and is allowing these Senators to"look independent" knowing that it costs him nothing. These rat fuck Republicans are just Read more

Aug 20

In other words its like 8O% of all jobs in the US.

Aug 10

It’S aN aR15

-Some bootlicker somewhere missing the point

Aug 2

I thought we were supposed to fix this with some frickin’ raking? What happened to the rakes?

Jul 29

To put in perspective: It’s taken longer time for Etch A Sketch to draw circles (60 years) than for man to go from powered flight (Wright Bros, 1903) to finally reaching space (Yuri Gagarin, 1961).

May 19

Such a petty, flailing, caterwauling bitch.