11/19/20 7:16PM

“I lived them, it wasn’t so bad” - probably because you’re the exact type of person Reagan and his administration liked - a white, straight, neurotypical , middle class American man. I know it’s the big scary no-no word these days, but y’know what that’s called? Privilege. It’s best you start recognizing you lived a Read more

7/24/20 11:40PM

Thank you Bradley! Now, if we can just make this a regular, reoccurring Friday segment during the race season, you will have made the world a better place!

5/26/20 11:31AM

I have a feeling this Amy has been Karen-ing for a loooong time. I wonder how many Black folks she didn’t hire/gave worse rates to/etc. in her time at Franklin?

5/24/20 5:00PM

I’m sorry honey, why don’t you help yourself to ice cream and watch cartoons until bedtime.

5/24/20 3:49PM

So your point again is what? That no one give a fuck, but something, something Boomer, something something? Because no one still gives a fuck.

5/24/20 3:44PM

My comment was directed towards an incredibly childish reaction to a video game. And yeah, there’s all kinds of shit to watch that’s more interesting than some contrived drivel that’s about as exciting as paint drying. So let’s do this, since the Jalopnik comment section is meant as a forum for Jalops to express an Read more

5/24/20 12:51PM

Now that’s original. I mean it’s not like Boomers invented video games  50 years ago or anything.

11/20/19 2:10PM

Counter Point - Qtips work great and nothing feels better than scratching that itch on your ear drum. Read more

11/17/19 7:46PM

In honour of Kyle Busch winning this year’s NASCAR Championship, this is a reminder to check your M&Ms for faults.

4/14/19 1:34PM

As a matter of objective fact, he is. I have never been to a JJ Abrams movie that I left thinking I’d seen anything worth watching. He’s derivative, steals all his plots, and pasts over bad story with flashy effects. He’s just the worst.