Sep 18 2018

That part at the end where Carol at different ages stands up after getting knocked down makes me want to run through a wall. Read more

Sep 1 2018

Hell, if my HUSBAND groped me like that in public we’d be having words. That’s inappropriate, dominating behavior no matter who’s doing it.

Aug 1 2018

I’m currently in the largest Facebook ‘Titans’ fan group. Members include many of the cast and production crew. Brenton Thwaites’ stunt double confirmed that Robin kills NO-ONE in that alley scene. The shots go over the thugs heads. He stabs one guy in the collarbone and breaks the jaw of the thug on the ground. End Read more

Aug 1 2018

The shrieking from whiny crybabies prompted the studio to actually release a statement saying that Robin didn’t kill anyone in that alley. The bullets went over the thugs’ heads. He stabbed one guy in the collarbone. Not the throat. And broke that other guy’s jaw. Not his neck.

Jul 17 2018

But can you really consider cyborgs as robots? Vader is a cyborg as well as several others on this list. Tony Stark is barely a cyborg especially after the arc reactor is out of his chest. If your doing cyborgs where are my favorites Steve Austin and Jamie Summers?

Jun 28 2018

Yeah, Tarkin looked like he lived in the uncanny valley in ANH to begin with.

Jun 26 2018

thanks for including so much information about this event...
oh, here is something you might wan’t to add... Read more

Jun 26 2018

And I think the people were very disappointed in not so much in “I Failed As A Teacher So I Quit” but “I’m Gonna Murder My Nephew In His Sleep Because I Think He Might Go Bad.” Read more

Jun 26 2018

Well said. I had a mixed reaction when I saw TLJ. I really, really enjoyed it, but I was also mildy depressed because it was clear that the story Disney’s telling isn’t the story I was hoping they’d tell. But that’s ok. Like I said, I enjoyed TLJ immensely, and I understand where they’re taking the story (it’s not all Read more

Jun 12 2018

Ok, I’ll be the one guy. I liked (and still like, caught it on HBO recently) the first one and am actually excited for these sequels.

May 23 2018

Wasn’t there some TV series with a very similar premise, except it was a a college guy? Kinda like a Stiffler-type? Read more

May 23 2018

“On the other hand, the idea of a boy changing time to win the affections of a girl certainly feels a touch problematic.” Read more