Jan 8

Debates about video game cosmetics is at least as old as hats (TF2) or other costumes (for me, first exemplified in the Soul Calibur games).
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Oct 7

*looks at Nathan’s profile picture...looks at Athene’s pic... THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! 

Sep 16

This is not a true self-driving car, though. The Tesla “Autopilot” feature is nowhere even close to full-on whole-car autonomous driving systems being tested by Google, Uber, and others — and those more substantial systems have still had their fair share of accidents.
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Apr 8 2019

Uh, actually, Luke, the page for the mod says, “Compatible with every release, up to and including Gathering Storm.” So everyone can go nuts with this.

Mar 12 2019

A yes, a gaming blog advertising smoking paraphernalia towards children. I'd expect nothing less.

A yes, a gaming blog advertising smoking paraphernalia towards children. I'd expect nothing less.

Feb 23 2019

Everyone moves at the same base speed, their animations just give you the illusion that they don’t.

Feb 23 2019

Speed is not different; all characters move at the same speed.

Feb 23 2019

Speed is exactly the same across all characters. Some characters have a slower run animation, however, which makes it look like they are slower. 

Feb 23 2019

I think the worst part of Apex is the 20 Hz servers. According to a netcode analysis video, Apex might have the worst damage/hit registration latency out of all the current FPS and BR games. I’ve shot people point blank with the peacekeeper and wingman with no hit registrations, and I’ve been hit behind cover before.

Feb 23 2019

The devs already confirmed their speed is the same across the board, they just move their arms at different rates.

Jul 7 2018

no, manipulating your ranking by cheating is a dick move and poor behaviour. if you dont want to be scum, dont act like scum

Jul 6 2018

I think this story sufficiently points out the group of people that are still being hurt by your fun: actual Bronze opponents that you’ll happily stomp over to feel better about your own skill. Read more