Expat Camelia
Dec 6 2016

“Miguel, who feels a deep connection to music despite his family banning it because of a complicated past.” Read more

Nov 29 2016

If it makes you feel any better, that little wildebeest just didn’t grow up to be a huge dick like this one: Read more

Nov 9 2016

You just fucked that unborn kid’s future with your vote.

Sep 27 2016

10/10, would watch that movie. Would especially watch if it was about, like, the Dr. Moreau of inanimate objects. Read more

Sep 17 2016

omg “sweet smelly fatty fats” is so funny but painfully accurate and now i feel like the ghosts of all of my labs are waiting for me outside of my bedroom door. “Please let us in, we just want to fart on you one more time.”

Sep 17 2016

I spend a lot of time telling my dogs they have to live to be at AT LEAST 35. We can negotiate from there, but 35 is a hard and fast minimum.

Sep 16 2016

The whole thing and then out of nowhere, “Buy a spinning wheel.” I’m fucking dying!

Sep 16 2016

Take the money, split it with the Good Sister and figure out how much you can get for your firstborn. Or at least how much you can get to name Bad Sister the godmother. Buy a spinning wheel.

Sep 12 2016

I’m surprised the franchise didn’t continue. I must be one of the few that likes this kind of game over fps and other rpgs. I was able to get it working again on my win 8 computer, but it didn’t show all the levers properly so I occasionally got stuck. Read more

Sep 12 2016

The irony of navigating the heavy crowds at a theme park based on a creepy video game about being alone.