David Adams
2:20 PM

I will welcome any game designer who includes modes like this

1:27 PM

Im sorry, did no one watching Endgame see that New Asgard is in Tønsberg, Norway? Its literally a sign just below the New Asgard one. Tønsberg is also the village that Red Skull destroyed to find the Tesseract in Captain America: The First Avenger and presumably the same cliffside that Odin showed Thor and Loki in Read more

7:09 PM

Good. I love this show and the best thing a goods show can do is make a Final Season. Plus, given how last season ended, I’m totally expecting this season to be an adaptation of “War in the Sun” AND “Alamo” at the same time.

11:05 PM

Don’t do the original Secret Wars
Do the Hickman one.

11:43 AM

Finally a trailer that feels like the go-home tease for the biggest film of the year.
*Rocket holds Nebula’s hand*

3:31 PM

I agree with most of this list. I think Mute and The Outsider were okay. nothing great but I enjoyed them for what they were. The worst movie I’ve seen this year was The Vanishing of Sidney Hall. Baffled me with its incoherence and sleaze.

5:03 PM

I have an idea, and it’s one of those insane ideas that I know will never happen:
Legends of Tomorrow/Lucifer crossover with the First of the Fallen as the Big Bad

2:40 PM

One side: This song has lost its original context, in which it was a taboo breaking song about subverting the patriarchal rules of society to enjoy a night of fun between 2 consenting adults who have alcohol that is nowhere near as alcoholic as they want it to be

One side: This song has lots its original context so Read more

2:03 PM

Read the first book as a kid. could not get over the fact that Artemis is an unabashedly awful person who I had no way of sympathizing with. Had no intention of reading past the first book because of how much I hated him.

11:37 PM

This is kind of like how Assassin’s Creed III had the Homestead missions that were all optional but you kind of had to play them because its where all of Connor’s character development was contained and if you didn’t in the main story all he came off as was a sad angry child who never stopped yelling and stabbing Read more

1:17 PM

This is what people hated about Jason Todd. He was a cocky dickface who didn’t listen to Batman like Dick Grayson was. Because Dick grew up and became a well adjusted adult who protects an entirely separate city. Meanwhile Jason got beaten to death by the Joker because the fans wanted him dead. Read more

1:33 PM

Okay, so having not seen Mission Impossible Fallout yet, my only experience with Cavill has been in the boring and tedious The Man From U.N.C.L.E., the just bad Man of Steel, the offensively, incredibly disease riddled waste dump of Batman vs Superman, and the trying so-hard-to-not-make-anyone-mad Justice League.
Read more

12:26 PM

Every time I have used Firefox--ever. single. time. without fail.-- I have gotten some virus on my PC or it has crashed in such a way that I had to completely restart my PC. I have replicated this on several devices. Firefox has never worked for me, in any context. Meanwhile Internet Explorer/Edge or whatever Read more

1:16 PM

I said that AHS S1 is the most solid season, not that its high art.
S1 was fun and has its own internal logic that it follows well. It’s cheesy and trashy, but it also makes sense.
S2 falls apart at the end because they dropped a few plotlines and focused in on the ones that they thought the audience liked best, which Read more

3:27 PM

So the plan this season is to crossover AHS’s most solid and well-remembered season (its first) and its third season; an unmitigated garbage fire of pacing, writing, & cinematography which also for no real reason featured a cameo from Stevie Nicks that went exactly...nowhere.

10:43 PM

Yeah, but that’s not the fucking point of all this. I don’t want to watch a Guardians Vol. 3 without Gunn. Firing him in the first place gave a win to Right Wing Nazi Twitter Assholes for no good goddamn reason. We know he’s gonna be fine. But that’s so not the point of any of this.

6:55 PM

Jonathan Nolan made Person of Interest, a seriously underrated show that *definitely* had an endpoint in mind. So yeah, I trust him on this.

1:44 PM

The bad news: iZombie has been effectively cancelled. Aww...
The good news: they’re getting a final season to wrap the story up Yay!
The bad news: Lucifer is not being picked up by The CW. Aww...
The worse news: There’s a Charmed reboot coming. ...um, why?

2:57 PM

Well this is stupid. Season 5 has been acting like its SHIELD’s last since it began. And with it tying up nearly every loose end the show had and building to a conclusion that very arguably SHOULD be the end, hearing it has been renewed is the worst news possible in my opinion. Why can’t networks have even the Read more