Feb 25

Did you read the label? JiF the peanut butter brand agrees with you. Hence the “Hard G” on the GiF label. 

Jul 8 2019

If you replace the subject matter with literally anything else, the story is easier to... *ahem*... Swallow. Read more

Jun 17 2019

Anime for life :)

Dec 3 2018

I really like Goblin Slayer too but I think the 2 main differences between it and some of the equally horrible things in GoT :
1) Within the first 10 minutes of Goblin Slayer we had a very direct, only partially obscured, full rape scene. Compared to GoT’s beheading that is a bit harder to take for most. Read more

Nov 21 2018

More like how Fantastic Beasts failed at being a watchable movie. I found it so damn slow and boring, and asked my partner twice if we could leave (I’ve only walked about on a movie once before, and it was Sweeney Todd). This is definitely among the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I would recommend nobody see it.

Jan 28 2018

The difference is that while your current leader is a shitty president, Bush was presidentially shitty. Far less toxic.

Jan 4 2018

Popeyes hits the sweet spot for in terms of fried chicken. In houston, we Church’s, KFC, and Popeyes. Church’s is way too greasy, KFC is a bit on the dry side, and popeyes is crispy and juicy and flavorful.

Apr 15 2017

That’s not a reference. That’s a plot point. They’re different things.

Mar 31 2017

I would like to protest that there’s nothing but Asians in Asian cinema. Nothing but yellow washing. Same goes to middle eastern and african cinema. Not enough racial diversity in those markets! SAD! The Japanese movies audience seems to care LESS about this casting less so then the audiences here in Murica.