Evil Cupcake

They, quite literally, do not care. All of this makes sense if you consider this anti-abortion stance as a political one (as politicians do) and not a moral one (as most citizens do).

Yes. Because those damned dirty whore ladies should suffer the consequences in their damn dirty, shameful sex fun. 

My friend works here. Those assholes are out there every day -- apparently they don’t have jobs? They know the names of all the employees and yell at them anytime they see them. Such fucking loathsome shitbags.

I just had an abortion this past Friday at 21 weeks. I had to cancel multiple appointments because I didn’t have the money & my Veterans Administration insurance doesn’t cover abortions. The amazing women at Planned Parenthood quickly arranged funding for my procedure but then I couldn’t go because I’d just gotten a Read more

I work like 2 blocks away, I knew it was there (mainly because of the protesters) but had no idea it was the only abortion clinic in the state. The good news is there are some people out there fighting to keep the government out of women’s bodies in the state. There’s a couple of billboards along the interstate that Read more

I refuse to believe that anyone who stands outside a health clinic and harasses patients, while having no idea what exactly they are coming in for, is just passionate about their beliefs. They do it entirely for their own sense of self worth.

Thank you for this article. The Women’s Clinic saved my life when I was a teenager and miscarrying. My sister and I would’ve been off far worse had it not been for them. Read more

Go to the Fox News article on this. Never is there a mention of his political party...

And they’ll never realize the hypocrisy of that action. The terrible conditions these mothers were in only reinforced their internal narrative that they were “saving” the child. 

Now we know why conservatives don’t want to legalize abortion - it would cut into their human trafficking gigs.

Also: the population of the Marshall Islands is only about 50,000 people. The main population center is an island less than four square miles in size, and has about 20,000 people. He brought over more than 40 women in a little over two and a half years. Those are meaningful numbers in a community that small.

Can we as a culture please become much more skeptical of religious folks’ promotion of adoption as a “mission”? There are many cases of churches promoting adoption to such an extent that orphanages in whichever country that church as selected to “save” kids from begin adopting out children with living parents under Read more

Some certainly got paid and used the money to go home. But I will eat my fucking hat if there aren’t a significant number who never got the promised compensation (miscarriage, stillbirth, expensive complications this fuckwit here had to shell out for and got butthurt about, changing their minds, mouthing off) and were Read more

Given  couple Tylenol and shipped right back home, I imagine. Gotta get them knocked up again for round two!

Absolutely. This kind of thing has been going on forever. Lotsa money in those chubby little cheeks. Read more

These are the same people who stand outside abortion clinics and shout about the “undeniable bond between mother and baby!” “you will live with a lifetime of regret!!”... unless you want to sell babies for profit. Looks like we now know ANOTHER reason repubs want to keep women pregnant. They want to sell that baby for Read more

Republican, Arizona, Morman, human trafficking, defrauding government programs, somebody’s hitting conservative nutjob bingo somewhere.

I am local too. FB was (and still is) a cesspool of angry white women hell bent on seeing justice for a baby they wouldn’t give two shits about if it had lived.  No one cares about the facts, if there is a dead baby (fetus) then someone else must die too.  

It’s one thing for a Midwestern state to lock up a poor brown woman for a stillborn baby à la Purvi Patel. I mean, she was a poor immigrant from some shithole country. Why NOT run wild on her and lock her up for two decades? Read more