Sep 4 2019

Other than looking “cute” 110 miles of range is outright pathetic for any EV in today’s market. There’s only so much cuteness is worth...

Jun 19 2019

Problem is they’ll eventually pull out of the US market altogether. We’ll stop seeing old dentists riding their extra LOUD exhaust bikes through the neighborhoods. Read more

Mar 27 2019

It’s just an infinitely superior driving position for a vehicle like this.

Aug 7 2018

Though I understand the situation, I always find it funny that kids of dead celebrities make it seem like they are trying to protect the legacy of their parent, when the reality is they are simply trying to make more money off of what amounts to a last name. Chadwick has never done anything worth noting besides being Read more

Jul 30 2018

Urban millennial here, who is actually interested in buying a premium motorcycle in the next few years: Harleys are tainted in our demographic. Read more

Apr 3 2018

He signed the waiver. I feel for him, but he signed the waiver, which exists to prevent this kind of guy from suing and ruining it for everyone. Read more

Jan 4 2018

Oh, please, you know this has nothing to do with them being concerned with security. This has everything to do with all the news coming out about how insanely disorganized the White House is.

Jun 2 2017

I’m sorry but I just can’t give a shit about a Lamborghini SUV. I’ve seen the Bentayga in the wild, I’m surrounded by Range Rover Autobiographies (I’m a middle class guy living in a wealthy community as witnessed by my ‘03 Tundra), and I just can’t fathom SUVs that are clocking in at $200Large and up. Read more

May 23 2017

Citroen needs to make modern versions of the DS and SM. That should have been their “perennial 911", A completely unique car that is just weirdly super effective. Screw it if you end up way up market because they aren’t cheap the build. Let Renault and Peugeot slum it in the mass market.
Read more

May 22 2017

Any married man knows that’s not an “I don’t want to be at this party” swat, that’s a one step closer to divorce swat. She’s miserable just being next to him no matter where they are.

May 5 2017

I hate that the franchised dealers feel threatened by Tesla’s direct sales model. It all comes down to them not wanting people to realize that they actually don’t need to jump through the bullshit hurtles franchises put them through. I wish more people would get on board with the direct sales model. it’ll be better Read more