I can only imagine slightly more than 3. Read more

He’s too consistent for it to be senility. Which leaves intentional racism/bigotry. Which is consistent with how he lived his entire life. I’m tired of the people who try to argue otherwise in some lame attempt to justify his acts. He’s a narcissist - which means that he does hear people when they tell him the truth, Read more

Another white (and in my case, not young) dude here. You got it. Read more

“Why do white people want to use the word so bad?” Read more

I truly HATE this video. As I have shared with friends, this video at best is trash and at worst further perpetuates negative stereotypes about black folks. This video is not thought-provoking whatsoever. Furthermore the video seems to “humanize” racists. From the beginning, the white guy with the MAGA hat seems to Read more

The saddest part of it all is when our own people make this flawed neutral stance to white supremacy it just sets us back, it doesn’t move them forward. Read more

Saw this on CNN today. Even as a white guy, I thought “white people are going to be patting themselves on the back for watching this.”
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Old white lady here. I did not watch. I will not watch. I hoped it would be some guy pretending not to be racist while exposing his racism by spouting every racist piece of garbage I’ve heard in white living rooms for 55 years. I’m 60. I don’t remember what was said before I was 5 so I’m not counting it. Why do we Read more

Pure, ‘both sides’ bullshit. It is not up to the oppressed to dismantle racism. It never has been, it never will be. Read more

So, an American citizen shooting and killing almost 600 people at a country music concert in Las Vegas is apparently Trump’s vision of doing just fine. Surely, this calls for USA USA USA chant. Read more

“The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws. It’s been humbling,” Lauer also said. Read more

“Matt Lauer said he is “embarrassed and ashamed” after he was fired for sexual misconduct in the workplace.” caught. Read more

Damn. Yea you right. Dabbing the grease away with a napkin with a disgusted look on her face. But then she catches you looking at her and then she puts on an obviously fake smile. She seems like that type of white lady. Read more

And what did Sarah Huckabee Sanders say about that? Read more