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8:55 AM

It’s not like that. We had one conversation when she was pregnant that a prior incident was really bothering her and she’d rather I not ride anymore while our son was young. I never pushed it or brought it up since aside from when our son said he wanted a dirt bike and she said that was a good idea and I should buy 2 Read more

9:55 AM

You are. I was 16m ahead on Sunday and now I’m 13m. I dunno if I’m going to continue going full blast, 100m seems like a great landmark, and as a team we’ve really made progress. I’ve gotten an electric bill the past couple months where I usually have a credit from the solar, and we haven’t been driving the Volt much Read more

10:32 PM

I’ve owned a number of smaller planes, the last one I had a business flying charters with. That broke me when I had to shut down. Now it’s a job and I let others worry about the business. Still have my flight instructor license and will teach my son some day. It’s like anything else, it’s something you love until it Read more

11:51 AM

I’m away for training until Thursday, so I shut my PC with the 2070S down last night. My kid and the folder are still going but my production will go way down the next few days.