Euro Dan
9/19/14 5:12PM

Reminds me of how my brother drives in Gran Turismo...

8/05/14 4:06PM

But what would it be?!?! I was so excited to find out. Since Enterprise isn't tied in to an automaker, it could be just about anything. Maybe a Dodge Journey SE. Maybe a Dodge Journey SXT. Maybe some fleet-only Dodge Journey trim level, which smells faintly of decomposing flesh. The possibilities were endless! Read more

7/09/14 3:26AM

Perhaps for the midpoint video, however the three airlock photos are all the same door. So we have 1. wait for door to open, 2. ride through open door, 3. turn around and come back through the same door.

7/07/14 8:00AM

Those Jaguar station wagons/sports-brake/avant (whatever they call them nowadays) look freaking sweet!!!

7/01/14 7:27AM

[The Volkswagen XL1 went on sale in the UK for £98,515 ($168,789). That means it costs roughly as much there as the BMW i8. Then again, Volkswagen will only have to sell 200. In other news, Hungary is not getting any.]

6/13/14 3:25AM

I dropped the google street view guy into the hole, now the street view option is gone...

6/12/14 10:04AM

If ANYTHING was run by race engineers, the world would be a better place.

5/25/14 11:26AM

Train has been looking forward to the day when roads will accept wheels without their dull black condoms. The time for train to shine on the open road is now!