Etienne Charles
Oct 18 2015

What have you been working on? I am currently felting balls for a Christmas garland...

Aug 23 2015
Christmas crafting

Does anyone have plans already for what they are making for Christmas? If so, I want to hear and be inspired!

May 27 2015
Crafters.... Unite!

I am sorry I haven’t been able to keep up regularly with this thread. Life has gotten in the way. Good news, my

May 26 2015
Quick question...

Who the fuck are the other 6 percent? Is this not the worst campaign ever? I am pretty sure science has already

May 18 2015

So, I am crowd sourcing whether my husbands health insurance plan is a decent deal. It is 400 a month with pretax

May 7 2015

My SIL wants me to patch her husband’s denim jeans. They are in the crotch area and the back pocket area. I have a

May 2 2015
What's for lunch?

I made burrito bowls! Rice, black beans, homemade guac, salsa, cherry tomatoes and homemade baked corn tortillas.

Apr 22 2015

I need to send my dad a movie for his birthday. He loves the movies Interstellar, Contact, Fifth Element etc. He

Apr 21 2015

I am throwing a surprise birthday for my husband on Saturday. I need help! Besides cake, I plan to serve snacks and

Apr 16 2015

Does anyone do graphics or design? I want a picture of a cartoon bunny blowing bubbles for my daughter's 2nd

Mar 10 2015

My best friend from college just lost her 7 month old baby boy due to complications from pneumonia. They live on a

Mar 6 2015

I have posted a lot on here about my inlaws. Well, shit hit the fan yesterday. First off, I have tonsilitis and

Mar 2 2015
Selfie time!

my daughter and I before daycare. She loves looking at the iPad and watching herself being filmed.