Feb 6 2019

The auto sear thing just makes me wonder if he knew the fire he was playing with. That holds the possibility of like a 30 year sentence or something crazy like that. The unregistered SBR thing I could kind of see maybe if you’re not familiar with the laws (frankly that whole rule is incredibly stupid and outdated in Read more

Jan 24 2019

Once, when I was way behind in my mortgage payments, Wells Fargo was nice enough to offer me four clothes. They were really almost pushy about it.

Dec 30 2018

If these Southwest Key does get busted by the Feds then I suggest the Feds just detain them in their own facilities. Why not? They’re already there and might as well use them for someone quite deserving of being jailed in an abusive shithole for a change.

Dec 27 2018

IIRC, command told the regular SOCOM guys to cut it out with the beards; I think you need to be ASO or doing other plain-clothes assignments to get away with those now.

Oct 12 2018

I love that Tucker’s serious face is the human equivalent of a dog discovering that you did not in fact, throw that ball.

Sep 26 2018

I can see that - the boss fights can be VERY tricky and weird, so I could see being frustrated by them, but I love the monster angel aesthetic so much that I just ended up really enjoying looking at the bosses and not minding dying a few times to seemingly random stuff before figuring out the mechanic :)

Sep 24 2018

Well, the “meddling” point is well-taken. That’s one approach. Just having bases doesn’t mean that we’re meddling, though. We pay rent on that land and have to live by the rules of the host nation when we’re off-base. Ultimately, we’re invited guests. In places like Okinawa we might be wearing out our welcome, but Read more

Sep 20 2018

As a fellow firearms collector, I too have zero use for these troglodytes. There are other firearm owner clubs a firearm owning liberal or leftist can join. Read more

Sep 19 2018

They’re on top of the world and are in control of the whole game, but can’t stop playing the victim card and whining like pathetic losers about how much everyone is out to get them. It’s not only annoying, it’s completely counterproductive, as they’re going to wake up soon on the bottom of the world, with no one to Read more