2:02 PM

I was watching the Jimquisition on this the other day and he made a fairly interesting point about Blizzard on this one. They argue that the matter is to keep politics out and keep the optics on the game itself. But if someone were to post something that is arguably political but less controversial (and certainly not Read more

2:00 PM

Is Blizzard completely unaware of the Streisand Effect or something, or do they just enjoy digging their grave?

1:59 PM

Human garbage?!  You must not have watched the video or read the summary.  That dude seems delightful.

12:06 AM

I had to throw a guy out of a bar today because he called LeBron James an uncle tom. I’m black, he’s white, and we literally weren’t even talking to him. And this is in San Francisco. Read more

4:15 PM

Since the NYC squidpocalypse occurred in this version, are there any shots/scenes showing that occur, or the direct aftermath (as in, a huge dead beast splopped all over downtown)?

2:00 PM

Probably true, though that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. The film Starship Troopers only used that name to cover the studio’s butt from IP litigation (the original working title was something like “Bug Wars on Planet P”, which makes the B-film roots a lot more clear), which is why Vorhoeven read just enough of Read more

1:30 PM

Lindelof has essentially confirmed that this is the case although the way he tells it he started writing the show and part way through he realized people would accuse him of ripping off Watchmen so got HBO to secure the rights to it.

1:14 PM

As long as there are no scenes of painfully bland people having boring sex to Leonard Cohen, you can count me in.

7:22 PM

The term “troll” has been applied to mean anyone that intentionally tries to get a reaction or response out of someone else since the days of fucking dial-up. Griefing, shitposting, and flaming are just specific flavors of trolling.

6:41 PM

One of the biggest and worst failings of social media in general is the outright incapability, willful and otherwise, to regulate their own platforms effectively. Part of the reason Twitch even started featuring other kinds of streaming content that wasn’t exclusively about gaming was because there wasn’t enough money Read more

6:32 PM

too bad she didn’t try to kill people with a gun or homemade explosives, she might would have got to broadcast longer

7:07 PM

Yep, because Europeans have never ever done anything bad to people of color ever

6:58 PM

While Livanart is dressed as a black character with black skin, she hasn’t applied make-up or paint; her transformation into Pyke is achieved through the wearing of a prosthetic suit. Critics see this as a loophole, and that the same intent as blackface—to alter your skin colour to match that of a black person, a Read more