Feb 3 2015

this is one of the funniest articles i've ever read in the entire gawker-verse. A++++

Feb 3 2015

This made me send a friend request to someone named Ashley Feinberg on Facebook. I hope it's you.

Feb 3 2015

A creepy thing Ashley did on my phone last week was to steal it at a bar while I was sending an email, and text my easily confused boyfriend the following picture (in response to a text about his 9 year-old nephew):

Feb 3 2015

As someone who handles brand pages, you just know that a social media manager was so excited about a non-abusive comment they bragged about it to co-workers. "We got a comment! And not one about making money working from home! You guys, we got a comment!"

Feb 3 2015

I accidentally hit like on an ex's engagement photo (an ex that I'm not even facebook friends with.) Now I see I should have just embraced how creepy I was being and tagged myself.

Feb 3 2015

As a straight male secure in his manliness. I like to randomly set my status as engaged and get facebook engaged my fellow straight men. Just the ones who are completely homophobic. The comments I get from them, and their families are great.

Feb 3 2015

I love everything about this article. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Seriously, by far the best thing that happened to me today. Read more

Feb 3 2015

I do this to my friends already.

Feb 3 2015

Or in the middle of the night, see who is up scrolling through Facebook b/c they can't sleep and say "Hey! Wigwag! What are YOU doing up at this hour!!??!!" I'm always tempted to reply "Digging a hole in the back yard while it's nice and dark, why?"

Apr 5 2012

"it's just a chemical dosage that goes from your mouth to your brain" - sorry, but that is completely misleading, and in an article purporting to explain how food interacts with the brain, is downright false. It also ignores information given by the sources you actually quote. Read more