11:39 AM

It’s very easy to get the prescription number written down, but from what I’ve heard they guard the pupillary distance (PD) like the codes to Fort Knox. The PD is the distance between the center of your two pupils and is a key piece of information needed to prepare prescription lenses b/c it impacts how the lenses are Read more

11:52 AM

Yeah, this is the ticket here. We do the same thing. Be careful with the olive oil. It can have a low combustion temp and we’ve set our brocolli on fire using a 400+ temp. Read more

11:18 AM

My response to that is, is it really that hard to pull your phone out, open OpenTable, and cancel your reservation? Read more

1:07 PM

I’m not 100% on this, but you might look into Amazon pick up locations. I believe they have places where you can ship things that aren’t residences, but you can pick the item up later. Sort of like a PO Box at a post offices, but it’s a commercial location. Read more

10:19 AM

When I have a spinning mind like this, I’ve found that really simple “meditation” works wonders for me. I’ve been under more stress than normal lately and it’s been hard for me to slow my brain down and not think about all the things I should be doing. Read more

1:28 PM

My state is on the list. I just wish I lived a little closer to the really good hikes/parks in my state.

3:11 PM

I would also not buy anything that doesn’t come with 802.11ac.

I would also not buy anything that doesn’t come with 802.11ac.

4:07 PM

Acadia was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Our trip there turned me into a hiker. Gorham Mt. trail was incredible and the view from the top of Cadillac Mountain was pretty inspiring. Read more

9:55 AM

We had to use soy formula for our kids. They were both lactose intolerant. Then one of them had problems with the soy and we had to use this special, insanely expensive stuff called alimentum. So happy to get her on solid food.

11:13 AM

Check out Suit Supply in Georgetown. Great suits, a little more adventerous, and a variety of price points that might suit your budget.

12:12 PM

REI’s is pretty great if you tend to buy any kind of camping/hiking/running/biking/etc. outdoor gear. We get stuff there more than we would have expected. I hike, but we also get winter gear for the kids and my wife there (boots, gloves, hats, etc.)
Read more

3:55 PM

I’m officially not reading anymore “what to eat to live long” guidance. Everytime I turn around the thing that’s supposed to be good for you is going to kill you. “Rice is a staple around the world and some cultures with a rice-heavy diet have long life expectancies. You should eat rice, but brown rice cause it’s Read more

4:32 PM

What’s the best way to communicate via resume you’re interested relocating via you’re resume. I would assume a cover letter would be the best place to do that but, if you’re have your resume out there in “passively looking” places (LinkedIn) any suggestions on how to handle that?

12:47 PM

I love Keep. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. Initially, I didn’t think I’d use it that much, but I’ve found some very useful things to do with it. This functionality makes me very excited. I’ve been thinking for a long time I’d love to have an app with this functionality. Now if I could just get my wife to agree to Read more

3:34 PM

I was flying from Greenville, SC to Washington, DC with a stopover in Atlanta. While waiting for my flight in Greenville they announced the plane coming to get us was late and was going to land in Greenville about the time my flight from Atlanta was supposed to be taking off. Read more

4:47 PM

You mentioned it, but I’m not certain you’re using it. I’ve found the Weather Underground app to have everything I need and more. And they just gave it a little bit of a refresh so it looks nicer than ever.