Anyone who have seen his stand up or old TV show would have expected for him to go there. I tire of these awards shows hiring comedians with particular routine and then acting surprised when they do their routine Read more

Never heard of the guy but he went some places he wasn’t supposed to, which I think is pretty cool. Read more

lol, he said ALL the quiet parts out loud! Read more

Wow. Turned out...fair?  Im suprised. Read more

Yeah man you don’t wanna mess around with a concussion. If she’s blacking out and shit? My brother got one recently and it took over a month for him to be closer to normal again. Acting weird and not eating and almost fainting. Read more

Attempted murder and hate crime.  Read more

Sure, he might get punished by the law for this crime, but I'm really looking forward to the possibility that he'll absolutely get his shit rocked in the near future by a dude built like a D1 defensive tackle. At the very least, he deserves the Richard Spencer treatment Read more

Giving a concussion to a 100 pound woman? What a fucking coward. Read more

Forget assault, this is straight battery!  (If you come from a state that separates them like that). Read more

Felonious assault for sure. Fuck that damn cracker assface.
Read more

One of the problems with how we equip police in this country is that when you bring a gun to a fight, it’s a gun-fight, whether someone is shot or not. As we’d like less people shot, we really need to be looking at locking holsters, lockboxes in cruisers, and other ways to get dangerous weapons out of the reach of Read more

Jaywalking? A man is dead because he was accused of jaywalking? Read more

“George Zimmerman should be in every jail ever getting passed around by brolic lifers like a Backwoods at a summer cookout”
Read more

So where’s he getting money to live on and file all of these frivolous lawsuits?  He a trustGoFundMe baby or something?   Read more

Other examples of slander or libel might include writing or saying things such as, “George Zimmerman is a trash human for what he did to Trayvon Martin Read more

I was hoping not to hear about this hopeless bag of clowntits until he was reported dead. Sure, this story is about him being a loser but it isn’t about his death. Read more

Shucks, I guess it’s a tough day for child murderer, George Zimmerman. Read more

I can’t get excited about this trade because I cannot stand four of the principals involved. I am happy for Joel Embiid who has done all he can to carry The Sixers this year but Harden, KD and especially Kyrie & Simmons can go pound sand. Simmons ran and hid & tried to make himself a victim of his unwillingness to Read more

So I assume Keegan Michael Key is playing Panama but who will play Damon y’all? David Oyelowo? Chewitel Ejifor? John Boyega? Scarlett Johansson? Either way, I'm ready to be like "pshaw" in the movie theater. Of course I'll go see it.  Read more