Oct 10 2019

Uh, that wasn’t Seth Simons that Che went after. That was another guy with a similar sounding first name. Close, though. Read more

Oct 10 2019

Why is it so hard for people to believe that good things they value can be taken to negative extremes by a portion of society?   First, plenty of you fuckers claiming woke culture doesn’t exist are some of the BIGGEST asshole I see (but you rationalize it by saying you’re only mean to people who deserve it. LOL) and Read more

Oct 2 2019

Thinking that extraterrestrial civilizations would want anything to do with us in our current socio-political state is beyond absurd. Read more

Oct 1 2019

When you said Little Monsters, I thought “Are Howie Mandel and Fred Savage joining forces again?”

Because I am old.

Sep 20 2019

“This young Guerrero Jr. is a star in the making, and Canadians have adopted them as their own. I propose we find an appropriate way to honor him, and I have a few ideas.” Read more

Sep 12 2019

The best horror sequel is, as always, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. It’s a horror film about making a horror film, starring the actual actress who starred in the original horror film being terrorized by the monster from that horror film. It’s so meta, it’s amazing.

Aug 2 2019

There goes Peter Frampton’s big finale. He’s gonna be pissed off.

Jul 31 2019

I still want some Maria Hill/ Melinda May spinoff action, or Hill coming back to Agents of SHIELD for the final season would be fine too though the timeline probably makes that difficult

Jul 30 2019

Orwell would have to rewrite his novel to make it clear that the government didn’t impose the surveillance state. Read more

Jul 26 2019

I’m not saying it’s not vaping. I’m just saying the link may be a bit more tenuous than the article lets on. Read more

Jul 17 2019

That doesn’t really explain how you got your wife to believe your foot is on your hand.