Aug 9 2015

Today only, the race today will start at 3:30pm; be at the track at NLT 3:20. Thanks.

Jul 11 2015

Gotchya, prob will be out on that too unfortunately, have to work every other Sunday as well. Just got a job doing sales at Lexus and weekends are prime selling time (brace for illuminati and free masonry jokes).

Jul 6 2015

Sorry man, even with the Forza aero and no engine upgrades it was way too fast compared to the other cars. 302 will have to be your go-to for Ford power this series.

Jul 6 2015

I can’t even calculate how LOW the odds are of being pulled over by a fake cop or cop intent on doing harm. Has it happened? Sure. But very rarely. Very.

Jun 30 2015

FOURZA Oppositelock-Tudor Continental Tires Sports Car Challenge (CTSCC) race series is here! (Update*)