Mar 26 2019

ps. why do the sidekicks/besties never have a full name? it’s always a nickname like “murph” or “jughead”

Mar 2 2019

Sounds to me like Kris Jenner saw the tides were turning in favour of Jordyn after her interview and had Khloe act accordingly.

Mar 2 2019

I absolutely ADORE shots like these, but can someone explain how they make them happen? Is it cleverly editing separate footage together, or cheating the camera so that we don’t see sets frantically being pushed into place?

Jan 6 2019

Lucy Liu is taking best dressed, hands down. That gown is gorgeous. She’s not even nominated, she didn’t have to do this to us!

Dec 1 2018

if i wrote a poem, someone plagiarized it, and then had the gd audacity to get a tattoo of my words on their body??? i’d have a very hard time being as civil as mckibbens.

Sep 14 2018

the other day my teenage brother told me he couldn’t sit with me to watch a youtube video i was excited about because it was “insanely long”. Read more

Nov 30 2016

Swinton has set up “a liberal independent school near her home in Nairn, Scotland. Drumduan Upper School, which opened in 2013, has no tests or exams and students spend their days building boats and planting trees rather than sitting behind desks.”

Nov 29 2016

Question: can anyone think of movies that had terrible trailers and the movie turned out to be amazing? Nothing is coming to mind...

Nov 21 2016

As someone who went to TIFF and had the opportunity to see both La La Land and Moonlight, I have to say that Moonlight was superior in all respects (acting, writing, direction, the stunning cinematography). The entire theatre sobbed at that final scene. You must see this movie. Read more

Oct 27 2016

This doesn’t bother me at all. They all seem happy, and it isn’t harming anyone, so good on them and their little family. :)

Oct 10 2016

Although it is a dumb opinion, I’m not too surprised. She is a Supreme Court Justice, after all. You don’t get to that position without being patriotic, and I guess Kaepernick makes anyone who strongly identifies as patriotic (+ white) bristle.

Jul 3 2016

I don’t think it’s insulting at all, and it is more tragic. They barely got a chance to live their lives before it was taken from them.

Jun 30 2016

This photo looked hella awkward to me at first. Her sunglasses threw me off — I thought she was mashing her face into his so hard his sunglasses went askew.