Oct 24 2017

The financial aspect was way more present than I would like it to be. It is sad how money-centric our societies have become. Financial capacity is directly correlated with life expectancy. I don’t want to find myself in the shoes of someone who is dying or is losing a loved one because there was Read more

Sep 4 2017

The correlation between atm ratings and depth in meters is not so direct. It may mean that the watch can rest safely in a depth of 40m, but when diving or swimming, the pressure exerted on the watch is much greater. For this reason, the minimum water resistance rating for safe submersion is 20 atm/200 meters. With a 5 Read more

Aug 31 2017

Diving in a pool thinking that 5 atm is sufficient to keep your watch from getting damaged, the eventual watch failure and Samsung not honoring the warranty because it got “too wet” is what people will laugh at you about.

Jun 22 2016

According to research, condensed money shreds into the blood stream can cure HIV.

May 18 2016

I bet they will be rectangle, around 5 inches wide with a display covering the front face, plastic back cover in a variety of colors and a metallic rim.

Mar 3 2016

Could you fix the link to Nature Neuroscience? Its broken.

Oct 29 2015

It seems he had not received proper training.

Oct 12 2015

When the 2004 Olympics were assigned to Athens, I remember a graffiti on the streets reading “Now that you got them, lets see where you put them”.

Jun 11 2015

Ah shit. That made me cry. Damn you old people.

Jun 7 2015

They are trying to fix his brain jam and he is jamming his brains out. Read more

May 28 2015

Yes, which is a problem since I always crave for papaya soup whenever I do.

May 27 2015

I always fly from Athens, Greece and I never crave tomato juice.

May 11 2015

True. Not that you could read this in the film, but still.