Sep 5

This is the stupidest shit in the history of stupid shit, at this point. The Tangerine Terrorist permanently tainted the bidding process. Even though objectively, anyone with more than 4 brain cells already knows that AWS should not have and could not have won a fair bidding process. Period. Read more

Aug 17

My youngest will either eat 2 bites, or clear his plate, everyone elses plate, and anything left in the kitchen. I haven’t figured out the pattern yet.

Aug 17

This. I know how my kids eat. Two of the girls I give VERY small portions to because I know they’ll take a few bites and say they’re full. The two oldest ones I give decent portions and let them ask for more. Teh 2 year old boy is just a pit and will literally eat anything so we don’t worry about him.

Aug 17

It’s almost like there should be some sort of balance or something. Like, teaching and encouraging kids to not waste food while not using overeating as punishment   Read more

Aug 17

I get what you’re saying and am imagining the sad kid at the table after everyone is gone, Read more

Aug 17

You don’t think it’s a valuable skill learn to know your body enough to determine how much food you need? Read more

Aug 17

So do you still take more than you can eat? I tell my kids to eat what they take too. They can go back for seconds if there are any left.

Jul 22

Here’s an invisible, untouchable, inedible ice cream sundae. Please write a complaint about how you like it, but want more of something that doesn’t even exist. Read more

Jul 8

Listen, if you don’t want to create efficiencies in your day-to-day workflows and get critical infrastructure projects completed by EOB each day, while at the same time developing synergies and ‘out of the box’ thinking that are crucial for team building and interoffice morale, then I don’t know what to tell you. Read more

Jul 4

I REALLY don’t want to see what happens when that occurs due to and along with an unchecked pandemic.

Jun 9

Because that’s how science works. As we learn more about something, the advice changes.

May 29

I remember when Lifehacker would teach the audience how to set up a Linux-based media server on an old laptop or something. Stuff that required actual work and thinking and left you with a sense of minor accomplishment. Those days are long gone.