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Oct 24 2016

You Audi guys are a tag-team not to be messed with.

Oct 24 2016

2016 Honda Accord — 3,500 lbs with 278 HP.

1999 Carrera 2 — 3,100 lbs with 296 HP.

Apr 11 2016

legally all contracts are required to have explicit language regarding prohibitions. Implied doesnt work in a court of law. Which is the whole point of contracts.

Apr 5 2016

My favorite part is how he angrily exits his car, throwing his hands to the heavens as though the whole thing were an act of God.

Mar 21 2016

Europe had the “problem” of an intersection figured out nearly a century ago:

Sep 25 2015

I’ll be damned if I’ll let facts like a double-acting hull get in the way of a joke. So I’m plowing ahead.

Sep 23 2015

I fucking love this article. Just like you, I grew up in a time when Hot Rods were “candy coat show queens” with $40,000 in Summit Racing chrome shit driven by guys too old to be my grandpa.

Aug 27 2015

It’s stated because it’s true. It was his truck in the way, so one would assume he knew it was there. However, you’re going too fast for the environment if you can’t correct for things that occur. If lifting causes oversteer, then it was too fast for the environment. Lifting mid corner means too much speed.

Jul 14 2015

The best part of this photo: it’s a coin toss.

Mar 22 2015

Needs more kangaroo cage.

Mar 22 2015

Before I went on to "normal" rally cars, I used to crew for a 911 rally car- whenever it came into service, it needed attention for little things like running too hot, the odd misfire, etc... The Mitsubishis and Subarus I crewed for came in needing control arms, axles, driveshafts, turbos and engines.

Mar 22 2015

Damn straight.