Dane La Born - EndsongX23
Dec 17

Honestly, I have platted every single game in the Soulsbourne pantheon (most of them multiple times), and Sekiro is way, waaaaaaay harder than any of them. Like an order of magnitude harder, seriously. Supposedly difficult Souls series opponents like Ornstein & Smough or Four Kings can easily be bulldozed with the Read more

Dec 4

A lot of words for such a trash garbage you’re spouting.

Nov 5

Who’s he? What are his materials? What makes them so shady? That’s what we’re here to find out! better be the title of His Dark Materials in the Bojack Horseman universe.

Oct 24

Its so weird hearing people come to D&D later in life. I literally started playing D&D when I was 10. I have a lot of social anxiety in generally but I never had it playing table top RPGs. Read more

Oct 21

Puddles is simply fuckin amazing. His versions of “Reflections of my Life” and “I Remember Finding Our About You” are haunting, and his mashup of “Folsome Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard” is wonderfully bizarre. Puddles is without a doubt my absolute favorite seven foot singing clown.

Oct 10

They did same type of joke last week, with Polo Shirt Guy bragging about getting to fly plane drunk... before revealing that that how he died. But me not care, because Good Place do that kind of joke so well, so it work on me every time.

Oct 5

Well I didn't give two craps about this game before, but now suddenly I'm interested, so good job, team.

Oct 3

Whoa, only one mention about controversy? My God, what website am I reading? Dowd, you know that any Joker-related article on this site has to have at least a paragraph of hand-wringing about how this will appeal to bad crowds!

Sep 26

It’s a popular blog phrase that warns against the perils of posting/liking/sharing porn/horny content on your main account and not on a secondary, more anonymous account that your friends and or family don't know about.

Sep 23

Her slamming the door over and over again was hands down the best thing in the episode. Read more

Jun 25 2019

Yep. This is me. Watched Endgame like 4 times already, but will do a 5th if it contributes to demoting the blue alien people movie that used the name “Avatar”, forever forcing fans of the TRUE Avatar to make a point of clarification between blue aliens and The Last Airbender.

Mar 20 2019

Yeah, I’ll probably check it out now that it’s “better” and kinda free (I subscribe to Game Pass), but the consensus seems to be that it’s meant to be played in a group, so solo can be fun but you’ll still be missing out.

Feb 21 2019

In Eminem’s origin story he’s bit by a radioactive Summer’s Eve.

Feb 12 2019

This reminds me of my absolute favorite story from the life of Jesus: Jesus and the Centurion. For those not familiar, Jesus, after giving his Sermon on the Mount, was approached by a Centurion or a delegation on his behalf (the account varies depending on which gospel you read), who pleaded with Jesus to heal a Read more

Feb 7 2019

At one point Sam had such potential, and then he turned out to be yet another douche-nozzle hire after The AV CLUB transformed itself into the National Enquirer of pop culture sites.