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Jul 16

Do not hide your homophobia behind a concern for the BLM movement. This article is gross. Gay couples holding hands is not an announcement. It’s what couples do, and since I don’t see you taking offense to straight couples holding hands you and your homophobia can fuck off. 

Jul 16

A gay couple “reveal” their relationship by existing in public together? And photographed by someone else? This is some homophobic bullshit.

Jul 10

I have literally never defended that relationship, which is only a small part of the reason that argument is a textbook example of whataboutism.  Read more

Jun 1

Biden’s plans call for giving $300,000,000 to the police — let’s not pretend that clown has a single worthwhile idea when it comes to ending the systematic brutalization of oppressed populations in the US.

Apr 23

You’ve got some pretty serious gymnastic chops yourself for putting that strawman together.  Yeesh.

Feb 27

I know he’s always fancied himself Native American (even though he is not claimed by any tribe), so I guess he feels like it’s okay to use racial slurs to describe himself?? Fuck him.

Feb 4

It is reductive though. First of all, why does rap get called out when virtually all music has a loose relationship with the truth? Second, rap is rooted in black oral storytelling traditions like toasting. Read more

Jan 24

So she's like Professor X with Cerebro? I know people who believe in all this but dont believe their doctor when they explain how flu shots work and I'm just like, how are you still alive?

Dec 24 2019

I have a degree in nutrition and have worked out for 2o years. I have taken HGH which he 100% has. A fat 40 year old doesn't change their muscle/fat comp in 12 months like he does without help. Not about being lazy you dolt, taking HGH doesn't change the amount you have to work out it greatly reduces the required rest Read more

Nov 28 2019

Nonsense. I mean, calisthenics are generally fine for people who are more concerned with things like cardio than they (probably) should be. They at least involve some level of resistance and strength training, which is far more important for people over 30-35 than any kind of cardio-specific training. But a very basic Read more

Nov 27 2019

He’s literally doing an explosive, high impact exercise in this video. Squats only mess with your knees if you don’t know how to effectively engage your posterior chain. If you’re doing squats like a grownup who actually does enough basic research to ensure proper form, there’s no reason for them to ever hurt your Read more

Nov 19 2019

“Darling,  Did your human heart fail today?  I heard on the media broadcast that your heart may have ceased to function as you were at the medical facility.  I, a human woman from Earth, would be very sad if you ceased to function”

Jul 3 2019

If that sheaf of links I left in my earlier response to you didn’t shed a little light on that question, perhaps this might Read more