Let me put it this way. We have no problems saying “Black people this” and Latino people that even though it’s not (supposed) to be all Black people or all Latino people one is talking about. (This seems rather prevalant when talking about crime given that the criminal element is at best about 2% of the population) Read more

“Wow, you’re really going to reach back to the 1950's Mississippi to justify daily violent urban street crime that happens on the daily here and now?” Read more

Unless it’s at the hands of a white man, in which case, ha ha, joke’s on you, lady. The system only cares about you when it’s NOT a white man who is the perpetrator. Once they’re attempting to get their white ex-husband jailed for violating the restraining order or that white guy they went out with last month arrested Read more

Never said the rise in crime wasn’t real. I was commenting on people who live in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere with virtually no crime rate lamenting the rise in shootings in Chicago as a reason to vote for the GOP. Just vote GOP if you want and stop making up reasons or acting like you care about crime in Read more

This is the most modern genre of American fiction, and potentially the greatest. Did you successfully set your entire life up in a way that guarantees perfect safety and ultimate boredom? Has this turned out to be boring? Good news, you can be mortally terrified and completely safe from a bunch of made up, racist Read more

“someone who knows that crime is a brutal problem” Read more

Watch your local news and you’ll discover that its much more damaging to society than fox news (which generally preaches to the choir) is. Read more

Their take on crime is bullshit. Every time the cons talk about “tough on crime” what they really mean is “tough on negroes.” Read more

Because as much as white women talk about how oppressed they are by white men they still vote with white men. They have been doing this consistently. They are benefiting from their proximity to white men. Read more

Because the GQP are the party saying that they’ll keep the bad black/brown/whatever color people away from them, stop schools from turning their kids into furry drag queens, and make it so that no one can tell them what church they can or can’t pray at.  They’ll keep voting Republican even after their personal rights Read more

They’re hard on crimes reported and mitigated by local police. White collar crime not so much. Several billion in federal stimulus money goes missing? So what? Sweep it under the rug, nothing to see.
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It’s not that White woman’s fault she’s like that. They were bred to be helpless and ignorant by their men. The only thing White women can do is cry and call the police. It’s why they drink and pop pills so much.
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Bitch, I don’t have to code switch to blast any racist asshole who creeps up in this place including your dumb ass. It’s so funny how white people make shit up about Black people and then get to fear the very stereotype they made up but Black people are not supposed to be disgusted with the very real way whiteness has Read more

I’m sure that someone as under-employed as the sloppy sack of shit who hasn’t managed to move out of his mother’s house wouldn’t know since lazing about in his mother’s basement in a stained wifebeater and crusty boxers doesn’t count as a job, but you only get a stipend if your job doesn’t pay you to do jury duty. Read more

If you admit to loving Trump you deserve to get hit upside the head. Read more

That headline. It’s a mess. Google this shit if you don’t know how to write one. Which brings up the question, how do people keep getting hired for gigs they don’t know how to do around here?  Read more

America has always embraced racism. With the genocidal murder of Native Americans and the theft of their land and involuntary relocation. Even outlawing their use of the native language and worship. 1619 saw the arrival of African slaves that would endure murder, rape, beatings, terror, and the destruction of the Read more

The online branch of the right wing still insists that Portland was burned to the ground, that Capitol Hill in Seattle is a smoking ruin, etc. -- and anyone who provides evidence to the contrary is a Deep State operative. I don’t expect this case to change any of that. Read more

There was a whole raft of hoaxes framing BLM and Antifa that summer, and yet no matter how many were exposed, police and media just kept believing them. Here’s a clue: if someone commits arson and spraypaints “BLM” or “Biden 2020" or the anarchy symbol near the scene of the crime, there is a 100% chance that it was Read more