Nov 17 2017

I’ve driven Pagani Huayras, V12 Ferraris, McLaren 12Cs and 650Ses, 997 Porsche 911 Turbo S... Its true that these cars feel similar.
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Nov 17 2017

Ahh, the medicinal bedtime story of every Miata/gear box abusing aficionado everywhere. Whatever helps you sleep, right?

Nov 17 2017

I disagree. I think 4 seconds or less then maybe it gets fuzzier, but there’s a huge difference between 4 and 5.5 seconds. With the exception of the latest Mustangs/Camaros, breaking the 4 second barrier usually takes a lot of money. 5.5 seconds is just a hair faster than my WRX, and I’d love something faster.

Nov 17 2017

China’s wealthy elite are the children of the Party officials and Military executives running the banks of a Communist country that stripped the wealth from the entire country for almost 100 years now. It is not a meritocracy.

Nov 17 2017

If his Aventador is up for sale now, what is he going to drive until 2025?