Ella Victoria
10:33 AM

A licensed tax consultant means that the person is a tax consultant and is licensed to perform as such. The only tax-specific license I am aware of is the EA (Enrolled Agent). To become an enrolled agent, you have to sit for, and pass a multi-part, 2-day exam administered by the IRS. As far as the IRS and the various Read more

12:23 PM

By using Monily Software, I can look at the items and total them without having to get out the receipts and add them up myself. After I fill out my online tax return, I verify that the receipts match up with the items on the tax return.

12:34 PM

Small business payroll systems usually come with fewer features and commonly use a piece of software installed on your desktop computer. Whereas, larger business systems may also offer Internet-based access and integrate the different products that they sell so that they share information with each other.

11:59 AM

Before using any Web service, check its privacy and security policies to see how well the company plans to protect your information. Ideally, your information should not be shared with anyone without your specific permission. Consumer Reports will be testing both software and other tax preparation services in the Read more

2:35 PM

You would do well to hire someone to complete your business return for you. You did not have any income, but you would have depreciation on your equipment. Your return will be very simple this year, but you must hurry to get it done because they are due a month earlier than personal tax returns are. Read more

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Monily – An American Bookkeeping and Taxation service for small and medium size organization. With expert consultants and accountants onboard, Monily aims to simplify, automate and optimize your cash flow structures for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Read more