Evan Hayden
12:26 AM

For folks who live in the Midwest, Meijer has dedicated senior shopping hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8am.
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1:44 PM

I love green cars, enough so that I painted two of my vehicles green. The first was my Dodge Omni that I had back in college (which sadly got sideswiped by a semi truck three months after painting). Picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it was a nice metallic grass green.

4:49 AM

While I’ve never paid a ton of attention to other Corvettes, I’ve always been in love with the C3. This one looks exactly like a die-cast Corvette model I’ve had since I was a kid and brings back a nice feeling of nostalgia, so I’m most definitely biased.

6:14 PM

I feel like we’re hitting the point of CUV / SUV / ?UV oversaturation. I can’t keep track of them all anymore, or understand where the various models each make land in the lineup. Doesn’t really help that some manufacturers keep changing their model nomenclature every few years. I’m sort of wondering if this comes Read more

6:00 PM

I bought this pattern-frenzy of a shirt at Target a few months back. Sort of reminds me of car camo. I have a pretty big body myself, and I do think it confuses the eye a bit. (just imagine it on a huge 39 year old dude and not on this lean teen.

5:26 AM

I have a fond memory of Umeda Sky Building, from back in the summer of 2003. Daft Punk’s “Interstellar 5555" movie hit Japan and my best friend and I saw it in a theater room inside that building. One of my all-time favorite movie-going experiences (another one being when I saw Scott Pilgrim in its home town of Read more

10:43 PM

This is killing me... My dream Saab for sale at a time in my life where I have lots of new responsibilities and can’t be thinking of getting a third car. My favorite color, favorite generation of 900, and favorite Saab wheels. Someone buy this and love it like I would!

12:42 PM

I noticed that the license plate in the main image is “AHO”. That’s a Japanese word for “idiot” or “dummy”, and sort of sums up how I feel about Ford’s recent direction.

Just noticing that this article is from two months ago, but I’m gonna go ahead and comment into the void anyway :-)

2:27 AM

Definitely impressive flying skills!

I gotta say though, there’s something about seeing aircraft flying in unusual patterns near the NYC skyline that gives me the willies (even though my rational side says that’s ridiculous.)

2:07 AM

“I’m not sure what Porsche would have to do to make this work, but it’s looks like, hypothetically, it would be somewhere between the size of the actual Cayenne and the current Panamera...”

I guess they’d call it the “Cayamera”, or better yet.... “Chimera”.

10:23 PM

Your wish is granted! Two versions - one with a slightly more tasteful (?) light bar that retains the bumper structure:

10:44 PM

I definitely like vehicles like this. I lived in Japan the past six years, until this January, and fell in love with the Toyota Sienta while over there, especially in the metallic green it came in for a couple years, and the highlighter yellow you show here. My parents have had two Mazda 5s so far, and they’ve been a Read more

12:35 AM

My parents had a Le Car back in the day. My mom never has forgiven my dad for trading their Plymouth Barracuda for it.

12:24 PM

I’ve noticed a lot of people in Japan do that at intersections, especially if they’re in the front of the line of cars. I wish that habit would take hold in the US. Every time I go home to visit and drive my little car around, I get blinded by truck lights all the time.

11:12 PM

There are more bombastic road trips I dream of taking (like around Europe, since I’ve never been there), but I’m planning a more realistic one right now and hoping to make it happen next year, depending on money and how much free time I can wrangle.

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11:03 PM

I’m bummed about automakers pulling out of car shows. I’m going to be soon moving back to the USA after a few years in Japan, and am very much looking forward to attending the 2019 NAIAS with my dad. We went to it every year from when I was 4 until I moved abroad in 2013 (minus a few years in high school when I wasn’t Read more

2:40 PM

I feel like there was a big change in my taste in cars in college, and little gradual ones lately, in my late 30s. I was obsessed with cars when I was a little kid, then sort of lost interest up until I was 19, and made friends with a Japanese exchange student who had a Civic hatchback. I’d never really noticed Read more

7:16 PM

Haha, thank you!

The Print-o-Pinto celebrated by going for a nice nature drive with a friend.