Nov 20 2018

I like the term malnourished here. Makes me think we should have an old fashioned telethon to help them. Read more

Jun 14 2018

Command & Conquer Rivals Isn’t What Fans Wanted, But It’s Fun So Go Fuck Yourself EA

Mar 3 2018

The last vehicle looks like a prop from a bad 80s dystopian future movie.

Mar 3 2018

Given that you provide as an alternative the awesome Rancho I used to sleep in on little outings, I’m inclined to believe you’ve got taste. But given that you compare the Cactus to the Aztek, I’m inclined to believe your eyesight has suffered somehow from I don’t know what.

Mar 3 2018

Lol, butcher paper grille. Yeah, the 7 slot grille has got to be the first aftermarket part being developed, like, right now.

Mar 3 2018

You realize that SxSs vastly grew and now pretty much own the OHV market which is pretty lucrative these days right? And that they can cost every bit as much as (and more!) Than this thing? Read more

Mar 3 2018

Fuck, even just some basic fabrication can net you a swappable front fascia. So many possibilities.

Mar 3 2018

i am genuinely excited about these—a vehicle i didn’t even know i was in the market for. major bonus points for being a jeep, but without the jeep name— i’m curious if people will start snubbing the ‘jeep wave’ just as harley riders do to non-harley riders, which is a hilarious concept to me. Read more

Mar 3 2018

Can one of the be converted to street legal? Looks like it’s a windshield and some turn signals away in most states.

Jun 21 2017

If Rogue One is coming to Netflix, why is your caption picture from A Force Awakens?

Apr 10 2017

In a shocking reveal that’s also somehow not surprising in the least, Jed Whedon confirmed to Digital Spy The Inhumans does not plan to crossover with Agents of SHIELD... a show which has spent the last two years setting up The Inhumans.

Apr 10 2017

WTF is going on with Marvel? For a company that gets a lot of credit for having their shit together, they seem to be making an awful lot of missteps on the TV side for some reason. Read more

Apr 7 2017

He even looks like he might smile!!!!!!! God damn did they waste a massive opportunity with Cavill. He could have been to Superman as Chris Evans was to Captain America.